social media ideas for insurane agents

Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

If you are an insurance agent who has taken on the task of managing your own social media accounts, finding posts for your page can take up a lot of your time. Having a social media presence is important for your insurance business because your social media pages are an extension of your brand. Your customers get to know your brand through social media.

Unlike your website, your social media pages are interactive. What you post and how you engage with your customers tells your audience more about your company and your brand.

Insurance social media pages aren’t like other businesses, so set your goals accordingly. You probably aren’t going to get 100,000 followers to your local insurance agency’s Facebook page even if you are amazing, entertaining, informative, and a whiz at social media.

An insurance agent’s Facebook page should be used for keeping customers engaged and for generating Facebook leads. Your day-to-day content might not get the same amount of likes, shares, and comments as other pages you visit, but that’s okay. Keep in mind, likes and shares do not equal revenue.

woman biting pencil thinking about what to post on social media

Your social media strategy shouldn’t be all about selling insurance. The general rule for businesses is to follow the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your content should be “interesting content” (something entertaining, educational, or inspirational). The remaining 20 percent can be used to sell or promote your brand.

Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

So what are some badass ideas you can use for your social media pages? How do you market your “boring” brand or service on Facebook? Here are a few ideas for keeping your insurance page engaging and interesting.

If you are an independent agent, get personal

Why do people visit Facebook? It’s not to buy insurance. Most people use Facebook to network, connect with friends, keep up with news and politics, or to be entertained. If you want people to connect with you, get comfortable with being personal. This may not be something every agent wants to do, but if you can add your personality to your page, it will pay off in likes, shares, and engagement.

I scoured Facebook for interesting insurance Facebook pages. Let me tell you, there aren’t very many of them. Here are a few I loved! You might want to check them out for inspiration.

  • Bumblebee Insurance – This gal is incredibly funny. If you are looking to be entertained, she’s you’re girl. You will love her TikTok posts!
  • The Brandy Jackson Agency LLC I loved her page. Check out her infographics and promotional images. She uses her picture in most of them, which gives her page a personal feel. She uses feminine colors in some of her graphics that give you an idea of her personality.
  • Portal Insurance I found this guy’s Facebook page when I was looking for insurance Facebook ideas. He has a podcast you should totally check out if you are interested in more insurance social media marketing ideas. The biggest thing I like about his page is his videos. Videos have a much higher engagement rate than images and text.

Write your own content

If you don’t have a blog for your insurance business, every blog post or article you share is taking your followers to someone else’s website. Every insurance website should have a blog. It’s not only a good way to create content for your social media pages, it’s an extremely valuable tool for targeting customers and improving your website’s search engine optimization.  If you need some insurance blog topics to get you started, I have written a list of blog post ideas for you. Check it out here!

Create you own social media graphics with Canva

You don’t have to be a graphic deigner to create images for your Facebook and social media accounts. I use Canva to create Facebook and Instagram posts for clients. It’s totally free and easy to use. If you like posting inspirational quotes or #MotivationMonday posts Canva is perfect. Instead of using that image you found on Google, make your own.

Here’s an image I made in 5 minutes with Canva.

canva image

Create your own videos

Videos have a much higher engagement rate than other types of content. Videos also are a way for your customers to get to know you and your brand. If you are not comfortable with live streaming, you can use a video editing app to create videos for your page.

Or, you can keep it simple. Use your phone and make short videos to post on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If your camera shy, just practice.

Write out what you want to say and practice it on camera until you come up with something you like. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will get with it.

Use Google news alerts

Go to Google news and search for topics related to your market. It doesn’t have to be insurance. You can search for any related keywords – driving, snowmobiles, accidents, traffic, gas prices. Set up a Google news alert for keywords related to your audience.

Post related or adjacent content on your social media pages

Follow related Facebook pages and share their posts. For example, if you sell snowmobile insurance, follow a popular snowmobile blog or Facebook page and share their posts. Look for posts that catch your attention or that you find interesting.

Here are a few pages I follow and use for social media content:
Business Insider
Popular Mechanics

Post Community or feel good stories

community story

Your social media pages give you a way to be part of your community. Keep up with community calendars. Share photos, events, classes, food drives, and anything you think your audience might like.

Like and follow any community page such as your local senior center, your local chamber of commerce, local food banks or charities, your community college, or your local news.

Do a search for local bloggers in your area and follow them on Facebook. Look for posts that you can share with your followers, or get inspiration from their posts.

Post seasonal content and National Holidays

Seasonal content is great for social media. Think about what kind of content might work with your audience. For example, boating, fishing, camping, stories are great posts for summer time.

National holidays make for easy content for your page. Look up the national holidays and weeks and either find relatable content or create your own content. It’s a good idea to plan ahead. When your scheduling your posts for the week, consider topics you might want to write about on your blog. For example, April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and in October there is a Teen Driving Safety Week.

Use hashtags in your post

Use hashtags whenever possible. Hashtags create a clickable link for the hashtag topic. If you want more people to follow your page, use hashtags like #insuranceagent #autoinsurance or #lifeinsurance. If you post related or adjacent content, think about what hashtags you can add to your posts.

You might be surprised at how many people click through hashtags and find your page. In addition to hashtagging your posts with keywords, use hashtags to promote your business. I use #badasswebgoddess, but you could use #myinsuranceagency for your hashtag.

Other social media tips for insurance agents


Schedule your posts once a week

Instead of getting sucked down the Facebook rabit hole, allot a certain amount of time once a week to schedule your Facebook and Linkedin posts. Use your calendar as a guide for what kind of content you should post.

Interact with your audience

Don’t just rely on likes and shares. Actively participate on your page. If someone leaves a comment reply back to it. Reply back to every single comment. Facebook’s algorithm focuses on showing posts that will have meaningful interactions and friends over business. The more comments and interactions you get, the more likely your post will show up in someone’s newsfeed. Keep in mind just because people like your Facebook page, doesn’t mean they actually see any of your posts. This is why it’s so important to interact with your followers.

Invite everyone you know!

A lot of agents are afraid to ask their friends to like the business page. That’s the whole point of using social media. Invite everyone to your Facebook page. Be enthusiastic. Ask for them to comment or give you feedback. Social media isn’t just about interacting on the page, it’s about engaging with your customers.

Let me help you with your insurance social media pages

I love helping insurance agents and try to provide SEO and social media information so you can do it yourself. Try out these ideas, but if your find managing your Facebook and Linkedin pages is not your thing, I would be happy to help you. Talk to me about how I can help you with your insurance agency’s marketing. I offer social media services for insurance agents, blog writing for insurance agents, and SEO services for insurance agents. Get in touch with me and let’s talk about your goals.

Also be sure to check out my FREE social media calendar for insurance agencies. It’s one month of social media posts you can borrow for your insurance social media pages!

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click on any of the links within my posts.  However, all of the opinions shared on my blog are my own.



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