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Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in Albuquerque? Badass Web Goddess is a woman-owned digital marketing company in Albququerque.

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Digital Marketing in Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you’ve been wracking your brain on how to get traffic to your website, you’ve come to the right place. I am a digital marketing expert in Albuquerque.   I use a combination of search engine strategies, content marketing and social media marketing to drive traffic to my clients’ websites.

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Digital marketing is a broad term for any type of online marketing or marketing through digital communications.  It includes social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, advertising, content marketing and email marketing.  

I provide a range of digital marketing services for busineses in Albuquerque.   I am an independent web designer, SEO consultant, and digital marketing expert.   I have been in the internet marketing business for 17 years. I hope you will read more about me, and how I got into digital marketing on my About page before you leave.

Yon only have 15 seconds to get your visitors attention!

Why do I say this? The average person skims a website. If they don’t see what they are looking for in 15 seconds, they leave. This is why your web design and content matters.

If you have a cookie-cutter website, with generic content, you could be losing potential business. 

Your website tells your story, provides your customers with a first impression of your brand. If it’s designed with your customer in mind, it will lead them to you. If you aren’t getting phone calls or sales through your website, you need a better digital marketing plan.

If you have a nice looking website and aren’t getting sales, ask yourself why?

Take a close look at your website

I want you to look at your website as if you were a customer. Does your website ask for the sale?  Or is it just an information site?  

If you are in the sales business, you know how to start a conversation with your clients from the second you first talk, to the time you close the sale. Your website should be doing the same thing.

Digtal Marketing for Albuquerque

What I am best at is content marketing and search engine optimization. If you aren’t getting visitors to your website, it doesn’t really matter how great your website is. The first step to creating a digital marketing strategy is getting people to your website.

I help Albuqueruqe businesses with search engine optimization and social media services to drive traffic to your website.  I don’t stop there.  

I will help you develop a marketing strategy so that when people find your website in a search engine, they take action. 

I can help you rank better in search engines, improve your social media strategy, and develop a content strategy that brings customers to you. 

My Digital Marketing Services include:

Search Engine Optimization:
Search engines are the number one way that customers find businesses.  Don’t let anyone fool you. SEO is something a business owner can learn to do themselves, but it’s a lot of work. Your time is valuable and better spent building your business.
Social Media Management:
Figuring out what to post on your social media pages can take up hours of your time. Let me manage your pages and free up your precious time. I am an expert content creator and craft content for your social media pages.
Content Marketing:
I am an experienced writer and content creator.  I’d love to write for your blog, newsletter, or website. I am capable of writing on any topic and would love to help you fill your blog or social media pages with engaging posts.

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Patty Malowney, An Albuqerque Web Design & SEO Consultant

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Are you looking for a Badass Digital Marketing Expert?

Before I started Badass Web Goddess, I was a writer and editor for a leading parenting website. My experience in publishing and advertising has helped me create  a badass marketing business. I know what works and what doesn’t. If you are wasting money on ads that don’t bring you actual customers, talk to me. Organic search engine traffic will improve your credibility and bring you consistent traffic .