Why DuckDuckGo is better than Google

Why DuckDuckGo is Better than Google

Are you wondering why DuckDuckGo is better than Google, or why I think it is? I make my living from search engine optimization and Google. I have been doing SEO for over 15 years and know a lot about how Google works. Over the years, Google has changed its algorithm numerous times.  I have gone from being a Google admirer to a Google hater.

Because I do SEO for a living, I have to keep up with Google and use it for search results.  I have a love/hate with Google. It’s important for me to know how Google works.  I have to use their search engine to see how my web pages and clients’ pages perform. But, if you ask me which search engine I like best, it is not Google.  It’s DuckDuckGo!

There are a lot of reasons why I like DuckDuckGo.  I SEO optimize my website to rank better in DuckDuckGo and get a lot of traffic to my blog from DuckDuckGo searches. If you use Google, I encourage you to keep reading. DuckDuckGo is a better search engine and I hope more people start making the switch.

Why DuckDuckgo is better than Google

DuckDuckGo protects your privacy

One of DuckDuckGo’s biggest selling points is that they protect your privacy when you search.  DuckDuckGo does not store or collect your personal information or search history.  Because they do not store your information, when you do a search, it can’t be tracked or traced.  Your personal information and search history aren’t collected, so your searches can’t be used for data profiles, ad tracking, or subpoenaed for legal purposes.  It allows you to search privately for information without having to worry about it being tracked.

Google tracks you everywhere you go

Google not only tracks you on their search engine, but they also track you on Gmail, when you use YouTube, on your android phone, on Google Chrome, Google Maps, and on any of Google’s other services. They use this data to manipulate your search results and to serve ads to you.  Google is dominating the advertising industry because of how much data they store, and how many websites use their products.  

Google filters your search results

When you go to Google, you might think you are seeing the same search results as everyone else. Open an incognito window and do the same search, you might be surprised by how different your results are. Google uses your personal search history to customize your search results.  What this means for you is that you are not seeing all the results, only the ones Google thinks you want to see.

Google is ad heavy

Google’s search results are loaded with ads. They make it difficult for websites that rank well for competitive keywords to get organic traffic.  This is particularly a problem on mobile browsers. Much of the results are ads.  Businesses and website owners that want to be found in Google are paying as much as $60 a click (or more) to place these ads.  This makes it nearly impossible for website owners and small businesses to compete.  They don’t want people to find your site organically in Google, they want you to spend money on advertising instead.

Google ranking factors favor popular sites

Now, this might not make sense to some people, but if you are looking for the best content, that’s relevant to your search query, finding the most popular site may not necessarily lead you to the best, most relevant content.  If a site gets a lot of direct traffic to its website, it will rank better in Google than a less popular site. When I am searching for something, I want to find the site that gives me the best answer. It’s not always the website that gets the most visitors. 

Google favors big business over small business

Without getting into all the details of how search engines work, Google used to be a lot easier to search engine optimize for.  They have changed their algorithm a great deal over the years and in order for a website or small business to rank well, they might end up spending $700-1000 a month on SEO services.  It costs a lot of money to rank well in Google. Small businesses have a major disadvantage because Google favors big business.

DuckDuckGo uses different ranking factors and optimizing a website for DuckDuckGo is easier for small businesses.  Some business owners might like being able to buy their way to the top, but I like DuckDuckGo’s results better because they are more natural and less manipulated by SEO companies and Google.

DuckDuckGo gives unbiased results

If you want to find information on a political topic, good luck finding unbiased information in Google. Google personalizes your search results, for one. When you do a search you are going to find results that are biased based on your previous searches. 

On top of that, Google is filtering political content in general.  This is one of the reasons alternative social media platforms are taking off. Certain keywords are practically unfindable in Google.  When I first heard this I didn’t believe it. I thought that some keywords just didn’t rank as well in Google because of SEO, but Google is censoring your search results.  If you want to test this out, search for a hot political topic on Google and then do a search on DuckDuckGo.

*Update. While most DuckDuckGo users would still say that DuckDuckGo delivers unbiased results. DuckDuckGo’s CEO Gabriel Weinberg recently tweeted that DuckDuckGo would be down-ranking disinformation websites in Russia. This has caused some users to ditch the search engine in favor of Brave.

Google is buying up the internet

Google makes billions of dollars from its products and owns the biggest search engine. Eighty-seven percent of searches are done with Google. Their search engine is not their only product though. Their email services, cloud storage, Google’s G suite, calendar, Google’s Chromebooks, and Chrome browser are all Google products. They have billions to work with and are taking over every area of the internet.  

Google owns and favors their products in search results. When you use Google to shop for products, you will find google store products in almost every search result, whether it’s the most relevant product or not. 

Yelp, a website that provides customer reviews and businesses, contends that Google manipulates search results, favoring their products in results. They aren’t the only ones accusing Google of unfair competition.

In 2021, the House and Senate introduced a number of bills to address public concern over the power and influence of Google. While I do not support any of the anti-Google “Big Tech” legislation, I do agree that Google is too big.

Google is too big

The search engine market needs some competition and DuckDuckGo is it. Google dominates the search engine market.   No other search engine comes close to getting the amount of search volume that Google gets. It’s time for a new, consumer-focused, fair, and unbiased search engine to jump in.  

If you are interested in checking out DuckDuckGo you can visit their search engine at or install it on any browser.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click on any of the links within my posts.  However, all of the opinions shared on my blog are my own.



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