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Hi I’m Patty Malowney, creator of Badass Web Goddess, an Albuquerque Website Design & Search Engine Optimization Company. I am an independent web designer and an Albuquerque SEO consultant.

Badass Website Design & Search Engine Optimization

For Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hello Albuquerque. I’m Patty, the badass web goddess who designed this website. If you are looking for an Albuquerque web designer who is creative, exellent at search engine optimization and content marketing, I would love to talk to you.

Badass Web Godddess

An Albuquerque Website Design Company

Hey ABQ!

Welcome to Badass Web Godddess, my Albuquerque Website Design & Search Engine Optimization Company.  If you are looking for a badass web designer, I’m your girl!
Please look around my site.

My web design is different?


That’s what a badass web designer can do.  There’s a lot that goes into great web design, but a big part of creating a website that converts visitors to customers is badass marketing!

This is what makes me Different than other Albuquerque website design companies

I don’t just design websites. I design websites that make money!

I am an entrepreneur just like you.

Trust me. I have been in your shoes. When I started my first business, I had $10 to invest a month.  I was able to compete with big companies like Johnson & Johnson and NBC.
Because there is more to web design and marketing, than creating a fancy website.
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a badass website, to make money from your website, or to get traffic to your website.

If you’re looking for someone to design a website that increases your revenue, improves your postion in search engines, and brings you leads I’m the Badass Web Goddess for you!

Albuquerque Web Design & Marketing Services

Web Design

Whether you need a website for your business, an online shop, or a blog, I can design a badass custom website for you at a price you can afford. I work with small businesses to create responsive, fast, and mobile-friendly websites.

Website Hosting

I offer affordable website hosting to all of my Albuquerque clients. You can purchase website hosting as a standalone service or part of my web design and website maintanence services.

Digital Marketing

I work with Albuquerque businesses to develop content and marketing strategies. I can create content, infographics, advertisements, landing pages, lead magnets or other marketing content for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is my speciality. Other search engine companies charge a fortune. I offer affordable SEO services to Albuquerque businesses.

Content Marketing

I have been a freelance writer and editor for over 17 years. If you need help with content for your website, newsletter or blog, I can deliver high-quality, search-engine-friendly content to you quickly.

Social Media Marketing

Don't have time for Facebook or Instagram? You know this is an important part of your online presence. Let me manage your social media pages and marketing.

Albuerque Website Design

My Web Design is Different!

Look, anyone can build you a website that looks just like your competition.  If you want to stand out, your web design needs to be different. It doesn’t have to be like mine. I created my website to attract MY customers. When I design your website, we will talk about your customers, your goals, and the kind of people you want to attract.

I will design your website based on your market.  I don’t just do web design. I have 17 years experience in internet marketing. Even if you have a beautiful website, rank well in search engines, it doesn’t mean your website is going to bring you the right customers or get you leads.

This is what I am good at.  I design custom websites, and provide search engine and digital marketing services to businesses in Albuquerque.  My goal with my web design is to create a great user experience for your clients or customers so that when your customers visit your website they don’t just look around, they take action. 

If a web design company can’t design a website that converts your visitors to customers, how much are they really helping your business?

This is how I can help your Albuquerque Business

I offer website design, content marketing, and SEO services to small businesses in Albuquerque. When someone designs your website, whether it’s me or another company, you need it to be professional, search-engine optimized, and to have a compelling marketing message that gets you leads. Some web designers can create a fantastic website, but know nothing about search engines. Some search engine optimization companies can get you ranked well in Google, but don’t know anything about marketing.

 Ranking well in search engines is an important piece of digital marketing, but if your website isn’t getting you leads, it’s because your website’s content isn’t performing.

I can help you develop a content and marketing strategy that brings you the right customers, and  delivers the best content to get them to take action.

SEO tips from a badass Albquerque Web Design and SEO consultant

How much do you know about Search Engines?

Things Search Engines Love

  •   Fast loading websites
  •  Secure websites (ones with an SSL certificate)
  • A website that can be easily scanned (with no bloated code)
  • Keyword-optimized websites (so Google can easily decide what your page is about)
  • A website whose visitors stick around.
  • Websites with links people actually click on and read.
  •  Blogs and websites that are updated regularly with new content.
  • Google loves websites that get linked to from high-quality websites and also ones that link out to relevant websites.

Albuquerque search engine optimization

I am an SEO Badass Too!

There’s more that goes into a great website than web design. Have you ever visited a beautiful website that loaded slow, didn’t answer your questions, or was hard to navigate? I don’t know how many websites I have visited and left because they were too difficult to use. A drop-down menu got in my way, or a chat box popped up, followed me around, and annoyed me. I am not the only person who finds user experience important.

Google Has Made A Recent Algorithm Update You Need To Know About

I have been obsessed with search engine optimization since Google was a baby. If you’re not in the SEO business, you may not understand all the dynamics involved with ranking well in Google.

The latest update is a long time coming and many web design companies were not prepared for it. Some of the things that used to be important for ranking well in Google are no longer as important.

Some things that have always been important to Google are on-page optimization, keywords, and backlinks.

I Can Help You Win In Search Engines

Don't Leave without reading this!

With The Latest Update User Experience Is Now One Of Google Most Important Ranking Factors.

What that means for you? In order to compete in search engines, your website needs to provide a great user experience. It needs to be secure, load fast, and not have intrusive ads, or design elements that are difficult for your visitors to use. You can’t just get visitors to your website using links and keyword strategies. Google pays attention to what visitors do once they land on your website. Now, more than ever, your content and User Experience matters! What your visitors do when they find your website matters. You can’t just keyword optimize a website, it has to convert!

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Patty Malowney, An Albuqerque Web Design & SEO Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on how many pages you need and how much graphic design or customization you need. A basic takes me 3-5 days to complete. A website like can take as long as 3 weeks to complete.

There are a number of strategies to get traffic to your website, but the biggest source of traffic for most websites is Google!  I can work with you on a strategy to get more traffic to your website from Google.

How long it will take for your website to rank well in Google depends on how competitive your market is. Realistically, most websites need at least six months of consistent SEO services to get found in Google. 

Yes, you can update your website yourself. I give all of my clients access to their website once it is designed.  I no longer offer free WordPress training.  However, I create user-friendly websites that most of my clients can update themselves.
Or, you can purchase an affordable website maintenance services, and I will update your website for an hourly fee  of $35 per hour as needed.

Drop me a message through my contact  form above. Or call or text (505) 302-5408.  You have nothing to lose by talking to me. I offer free consultations and quotes. I will discuss your business goals with you and create a custom web design and marketing plan for your business.