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Welcome to Badass Web Goddess, a woman-owned Digital Marketing Agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Are you looking for the right person to work with your business?  As a business owner myself, I understand how important your website is to your business. What’s more important than how it looks is how much revenue it makes.  If you are looking for someone who can do more than just design a great website, schedule a consultation with me today.

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Would you like to Make More Money?

Hey! I am Patty Malowney.  I am an entrepreneur just like you.  When I started my first business, I had $10 a month to invest.  I was able to compete with big companies like Johnson & Johnson and NBC. Why? Because there is more to online marketing than having a fancy website.

I started my first internet business at 28 and sold it 4 years later to the dating company, I have learned a lot of things about web design, SEO, and marketing from my experience.   If you’ve been navigating this alone, it’s time for you to invest in some help.  I know how to get traffic to a website and how to make money from a website.

Any web designer can design a pretty website. I love designing beautiful websites for my clients and  I believe how your website looks is important. But, what’s more important is how much revenue it makes.  If you’re interested in making more money from your website, set up a free consultation with me today.

 Stop trying to do it all by yourself! That's the first step.

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Contact me today to schedule a totally free strategy call. Find out how you can you increase your sales with the right marketing and SEO strategy.

It starts with badass web design...

Your website is a reflection of your brand.  It’s often the first thing your customer sees.  You don’t want a generic-looking website. You want a website that grabs your customer’s attention, and leads them right to a sale. I design custom WordPress websites that are made to grow with your business. 

Your website also needs content!

Most business owners don’t put much thought into the content on their website. But, the content on your website is the most important part of digital marketing.  There are a ton of reasons why your website needs content.  Google loves websites with fresh content, and content is part of any good digital marketing company’s marketing strategy.

When you leave my website, I challenge you to go look at your competitor’s websites. Do they have a blog? Most websites that rank well in Google have a blog and other website content.

I offer content marketing as part of my web design packages for small businesses.  If you don’t have time to create content or don’t enjoy writing let me help you develop high-quality content that gets read, gets shared, gets found in Google, and brings customers to you!

And search engine optimzation...

I don’t just design websites. I am a search engine optimization consultant with years of experience. If you found me in Google, there’s a reason for that. I am a badass at SEO. I started learning how search engines work when Google was still a baby. 

What is SEO?  SEO is everything you do on and off of your website to make it rank better in search engines.

SEO is the key to getting more traffic to your website — and more revenue!  I will work with you to create an SEO strategy that brings your ideal customers to you.

If you are interested in generating more leads from your website, check out my FREE guide to generating leads from Google. It will teach you how to optimize your Google My Business account and how to rank better in Google Maps.

All of My Digital Marketing Services

Whether you need web design, web hosting, or digital marketing services. I have all the services you need to grow your business.


Most business owners don't care about

how they rank in Google…
or how much traffic their website gets…
or how many likes their social media pages get…
or about complicated spreadsheets and reports…

They care about making money

Do you have big money goals for your website?

A badass digital marketing agency can help you make more money online!

Accelerate your growth, and your revenue, by adding content to your website that your visitor’s read and enjoy. Even if you have a boring product or service, I can help you develop content that your visitors love and Google loves too!

I offer  basic web design packages that start at $995 and comprehensive digital marketing packages that include professionally written blog posts, infographics and social media content, SEO services, lead magnet creation, email newsletter campaigns, and more.

If you’re wondering how I do it all, I personally write much of my clients’ content, but I also have a team of freelance writers that help me develop content.  I  manage all of the SEO services for my clients. I only work with a small number of clients so that I can give each of my clients the attention they deserve.

If you’re ready to start making more money from your website, schedule a strategy call with me today.

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