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If you want to be found in Google you need a Badass Web Goddess working on your Albuquerque SEO.  I have been doing SEO for  17 years.  I am an Albuquerque SEO consultant and I can help you increase your sales and revenue with effective SEO strategies. If you’re not happy with the amount of leads you’re getting from your website let’s talk. 

If You Found Me In Google, It’s Not A Coincidence. It’s SEO!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you ready to start getting more leads and more phone calls?  One thing I get is that most business owners don’t care how many page views their website gets or how well they rank in Google. None of that matters if it’s not making you any money.

I am not out to get you website stats, I want to help you make more money. The better I serve my clients, the more referrals and business I get. So, if you’re ready to talk schedule a strategy call with me today. There’s no obligation. It’s totally free. If we talk and we think we can work well together, awesome. If not, hopefully you’ll learn a little more about what you can do to improve your website traffic.

Hey I'm Patty, Albuquerque SEO Consultant & Badass Web Goddess

Albuquerque SEO Services

Welcome ABQ!  I am Patty Malowney, the badass web goddess.  Are you looking for Albuquerque SEO services? I am an SEO consultant and web designer providing exceptional SEO services to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You will notice that my website is quite different from other digital marketing agency websites. That’s because I’m different.  I moved to Albuquerque in 2020, and launched Badass Web Goddess shortly after.

My business has been growing fast, and mostly because of SEO.  What I love about SEO is that once you put in the work, you don’t have to run around networking, prospecting, or chasing new clients. They find you!  Almost all of my clients come from Google. If you are tired of spending all your time trying to find clients, I can help you.

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Contact me today to schedule a totally free strategy call. Find out how you can you increase your sales with the right marketing and SEO strategy.

Albuquerque SEO Takes Strategy

If you found me in Google, I am excited that you found me!  Let me tell you, Albuquerque SEO is a tough keyword to rank well for.  If you think it’s hard to get a business to rank well in Google, try getting the keyword Albuquerque SEO company to rank number one. SEO is a competitive business.

Seriously, we have to work twice as hard on our business, because we are competing against the pros.  I have been at this for a year or so and I am excited to say, I am ranking as well as some companies that have been around for a lot longer.

Do you need some help with your Albuquerque SEO?

Have you tried to do it yourself? Have you hired another Albuquerque SEO company that didn’t get you the results you had hoped for?

I do a lot of things differently than other SEO companies and website designers. Because I started out doing national SEO, I have some experience that other SEO companies don’t have. It’s a lot easier to get a business to rank well on small local-niche market, but much more challenging going after competitive keywords.

If you want someone who can help your business get found online, and get visitors who are actually going to pick up the phone in call you, let’s talk. All of my clients find me on Google and they call me because they trust me.

I love my Albuquerque SEO business. Honestly, I do a lot here at Badass Web Goddess, but SEO is my favorite. If you'd like me to take a look at your website, let's schedule a strategy session. This is just a meeting where we talk and discuss what your doing right with your marketing and what you could be dong better.

Learn more about my Albuquerque SEO Services.

So how do you rank well in Google anyway?

You need your Google Business Profile to be optimized for your specific Albuquerque keywords. You should post updates to your Google Business Profile regularly so that Google knows you are active and engaged in your business.

You need Google reviews, links to your website, and regular updates to your Google Business Profile and website.  A stagnant website, with no content, and that is never updated is not going to rank well in Google.

And in 2022, Google has been cracking down on spammy SEO practices.  Check out my post on Nozzle, How to Rank Better in Google Maps in 2022 for more insight.

Albuquerque SEO services that move the needle.

So what does an SEO consultant do?

Look, I’ve read through a lot of SEO company’s websites before I created mine. I know that most of my clients don’t care to know all the details of what I do. They really just want to know they can trust me. Still, before you get started working with me, I’d like to give you a little breakdown of what an SEO consultant does.

SEO Audit

I provide all my clients with an SEO audit of their website.  An SEO audit is a report telling you all the issues with your website, and what you can do to improve your website so it peforms better in search engines. This includes improving your on-page SEO, technical SEO (stuff on the back end of your website), site speed issues, broken links, pages that don’t have a high enough word count, and other on-page issues.  

On-Page SEO

This is one of my strengths. I have contracts with other SEO companies and web design companies doing on-page SEO. On-page SEO is something you do on your website pages to make them rank better in Google. It  includes making sure you have enough of your keywords on your pages, having the best titles and headers for your pages. It also includes things that I do on the back end like adding alt text descriptions of your images, and writing a meta description.

Off-Page SEO

These are the things an SEO company does to help you rank better in search engines. It’s all the things you do “off the page”. It includes building links to your website, getting your website listed in trusted directories, and content marketing.  Google sees your name and business being talked about (or linked to) on the web, and these signals tell Google to rank you better.

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