8 Reasons to Get off Facebook and Hire a Social Media Consultant

If you have a business, you probably have a Facebook page or other social media accounts.  Facebook is a great tool for marketing, but managing a Facebook page can quickly take you down the rabbit hole. 

Before you know it, you have not posted anything on your Facebook page, but you have spent an hour on Facebook scrolling through your news feed. 

Most business owners want to focus on their business, and time spent on social media takes away from doing more important things — like running their business.

You know you need a social media presence, so why not let someone handle this for you?

Here are 8 good reasons to get off Facebook and hire a social media consultant.

Social media is a productivity killer.

Social media is addictive and it’s also one of the biggest productivity killers for entrepreneurs.  How many times do you check your Facebook a day?

You get on Facebook for a reason, but something catches your attention — a message on messenger, a news story, or a notification.  Staying off Facebook will help you to be more productive.

Finding content to post is time-consuming

Perhaps you aren’t checking your Facebook notifications, but still, you end up spending an hour looking for and planning your posts.

Searching the internet for content ideas or scratching your head thinking about what to post can take up a lot of time and mental energy.  This time could be better spent on your business goals.

You don’t know how to get people to read your content

If you are reading this, what made you click on this post?  Something about it captured your attention. There is an art to content creation and choosing titles for your social media pages and blog posts that get people to respond.  

You don’t know how to grow your followers

I hear this a lot. A client shows me someone’s Facebook page and they don’t know how they have so many followers. There are a lot of ways to grow your social media presence, and it’s not all done on your page. 

A good social media consultant understands social media algorithms, how to create and curate content, and how to get followers to your page.  

You’re not creative, engaging or great at writing

Creating content for your social media accounts takes thought and creativity. If your content isn’t entertaining, educational, or interesting, it won’t get read. 

You can’t just throw content on your Facebook page and expect people to like it or follow you. You need the right kind of content to grow your social media following.

You don’t have time to check your social media pages

Maybe you’re great at social media.  Maybe you have plenty of creativity, marketing ideas, and you know how to create content for social media. But, who monitors your social media accounts when you are busy?  Who answers your Facebook messages when you are with a client or in a meeting?

Having a social media consultant allows you the freedom to do your job without worrying about comments or messages getting ignored. 

You don’t know how to create social media graphics

Most business owners aren’t graphic designers and don’t know how to create images or graphics for their social media accounts. Not to mention creating content with graphic elements takes time. Your social media consultant should be able to create images or infographics for your page.

You don’t understand Facebook advertising

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.  Advertising on Facebook is a great way to grow your online presence and attract new prospects, customers, or clients. However, if you don’t know how to use Facebook’s advertising you could be wasting money on ineffective ads. 

In addition, most visitors to your website don’t convert on their first visit. A social media consultant may be able to help you combine your social media campaigns with other digital advertising, such as retargeted advertising or geofencing.

A social media consultant can help you track  and improve your growth

One of the biggest things a consultant can do for you is help you measure how well your social network is performing.  They can track your posts to see how much return you are getting on your social media investment.

They will be able to deliver important data like how many people are viewing your posts, which content is creating the most interactions, and which posts are delivering traffic to your website.

I would love to work with you on your social media marketing. Please reach out to me to set up a time to talk!

Patty Malowney, Badass Web Designer in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am Patty Malowney, the creator of Badass Web Goddess. I am an Albuquerque SEO and digital marketing consultant.  I started my first internet business in 2004 with a $40 garage sale computer and a whole lot of determination.  I sold my first website, JustMommies.com to the dating company eHarmony.com in 2008. My website was acquired by another company where I worked as a consultant and editor until July, 2019.

After encouragement from friends and family, I decided to branch out on my own and start my own consulting business.  I offer advice and services to local businesses on how they can rank better in Google.

In addition to running Badass Web Goddess, I am an avid blogger. I run several blogs including my internet marketing blog here at Badass Web Goddess.  If you love my blog, Follow Me on Facebook or Twitter!

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