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Pep Talk for the Badass Entrepreneur:  Keep on Going Baby!

Not only am I a badass entrepreneur, but I also have bipolar disorder. When I started Badass Web Goddess, one of my goals for my blog was to inspire women and entrepreneurs who struggle with mental illness. It’s a lot more challenging to run a business when you have ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety, or depression. You see, a lot of us entrepreneurs are “crazy”.  

If you are in need of a pep talk or need some encouragement, here is my pep talk for the entrepreneur. Yeh, that’s you, badass.

My Pep talk for the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Pep Talk 1: Being an entrepreneur is stressful. If it was easy everyone would do it.

If you are feeling burned out, discouraged, if you’re not making enough money, it is easy to think about quitting. Quitting on the business, or quitting on life altogether. When you’re busting your bootie to get your business off the ground and the world around you is watching YouTube and Netflix, playing on social media, and chilling, you might just want to join them. 

And then what?

Running a business is stressful. It’s like being on a roller coaster. One minute you’re on top of the world, the next you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to survive.

Entrepreneur Pep Talk 2: Stop freaking out!

stressed out entrepreneur freaking out

Yesterday I searched for blog posts on “SEO is a stressful business”, “the SEO business is stressful” and several variations of this keyword. Apparently, I am the only honest SEO consultant.  The SEO business and any other successful business is going to be stressful.

The stress isn’t going to go away. You’re always going to have more to do than you can do. You’re always going to be asking yourself, how do I do this? You’re always going to be wondering when you’re going to get the next sale, the next client, or how you’re going to pay the next bill?  One foot in front of the other, that’s how. 

Time management and stress management are critical skills when you’re an entrepreneur. Yeh, we tend to thrive on stress, I know I do. If you learn how to manage it, you won’t “freak out” or “stress out” so much. That freakout time could be better spent growing your business

Maybe you’re stressing out as you read this. What is something you can do right now to relieve the stress and tension you are feeling?  

For me, music, exercise, and writing help me to alleviate stress.  If you are feeling stressed as you read this, I challenge you to stop right now and do something about it.

Go play that music loud, run up and down the stairs, go for a drive, write in your journal, phone a friend.  Do what you need to do to get the stress out, and get back at it.  Hey, I’m serious. Stop reading this now and go do something that calms you down.  Then come back and finish reading this.

Entrepreneur Pep Talk 3: Reframe Your Stress into Sucess

When you take on a new client, a big project, or launch a new product, you’re probably going to have anxiety. When I started my business, every time I talked to a new prospect, I would have an internal freak out.  If you’ve ever taken something on and thought to yourself, what am I getting myself into, you probably relate.  This feeling is common to entrepreneurs.  Just remind yourself the anxiety is normal.

Someone told me once that you should only take a job if you are qualified for it. If I followed that advice I would still be working in retail. Entrepreneurs challenge themselves and learn to do what they are not qualified for. Before you overthink this, I don’t mean agree to be an electrical engineer when you know nothing about electricity. I mean don’t be afraid to try things you haven’t done before.

When you feel overwhelmed, remember your vision. Can see your dream car, your dream home — whatever it is that drives you? When you take on a new challenge, envision success. See yourself succeeding in this new client. This is not overwhelming. This is exciting! I have a big client. Wow, let’s rock this!

Entrepreneur Pep Talk 4: Failure is part of success, If you’re not failing you’re not growing.

A badass entrepreneur shooting hoops

I read this many times before, but when I’m experiencing yet another failure — when my sales don’t pan out, when I lose a client, or when an investment doesn’t pay off — I remember to reframe my perspective. Practice makes perfect. You aren’t going to get the ball in the hoop every time. So, when you are having a bad day, remember to reframe your “failure” and think about how your failure is helping you grow.

If you’re not failing, you’re not growing. Every time you fail at something you get stronger and wiser. The people who quit never grow. Successful entrepreneurs (<<—P.S. I love this guy) are successful because they failed a lot. Failing is part of the process. If you can think of each failure as part of your success, failing isn’t scary anymore.

The most successful people are those who have failed over and over. If you have recently failed at something, don’t feel discouraged. This is how you grow and become the badass entrepreneur you’re meant to be.

Entrepreneur Pep Talk 5: Stop panicking and get back to your to-do list

If you have ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, or Anxiety you know exactly what I’m talking about. What do you do when you’re stressed? You panic and distract yourself.  You procrastinate or try to come up with a new, easier, or faster way to do things.

The solution is right in front of you. Get back to your list.  There is no shortcut to success. There is no magic wand or cheat code. If you want it, you have to work at it. So if you’re looking for the shortcut, stop it. Go look at the goals you set for today and get back to working on them. 

The happiest entrepreneurs are those who are productive and making progress towards their goals. When you feel like you are getting nowhere, it gets discouraging. Remember it’s a long game. There aren’t any shortcuts up the ladder.  So stop panicking and get back to work on your list!

Entrepreneur Pep Talk 6: You might feel lonely, but you’re not alone

every entrepreneur feels lonely sometimes and needs a pep talk

Being an entrepreneur is hard and sometimes makes you feel incredibly lonely. We take risks and do things differently.  There may be nobody to talk to, including your partner, your friends, and your family. They might not support you. They might not understand why you do what you do, and they may think they know how to run your business better than you. This can make you feel isolated and alone.

When I feel discouraged, I talk to another entrepreneur. My regular friends don’t know what it’s like to run a business. They have don’t really understand how stressful it is or about the highs and the lows that go with it. So when you need a pep talk, call an entrepreneur friend. If you don’t have any entrepreneur friends, read a book, an article, or a podcast from another entrepreneur. They often have just the right words to cheer you up and keep you going.

If you need a pep talk or some help

And if you are struggling to make money with your online business, please get in touch with me at 505-302-5408 (call or text). One of the things I don’t struggle with when it comes to my business is getting leads. I get phone calls and emails regularly because of my SEO skills. If you need some help with your business, I think you will find me relatable, down-to-earth, and honest. Get in touch with me if you need a pep talk or some help with your business.

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