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I am an Albuquerque freelance writer and content creator.

Do you need help with content creation? Whether you need blog content, newsletter content, or social media content, I can help.  I have literally written thousands of blog posts and content on just about any topic. I am excellent at researching and writing engaging content. Check out my blog here at Badass Web Goddess to get an idea of my writing style, or get in touch with me for writing samples.

Freelance Writing & Content Marketing

Do you need a badass to help you with your content marketing strategy?  I am an experienced editor and content creator. I provide content marketing, freelance writing, and SEO writing services to small businesses, bloggers, and other digital marketing agencies.

Blog & Newsletter Content

Need a blog post written fast? Are you tired of writing it yourself or trying to find someone to write for you on a freelancer website. I can write quality blog posts or SEO content quickly.

Fast turn-around (within 2 days).

Copywriting Services

Do you need help developing the content for your Home Page, About Page or Service pages?  This is what I am good at. When it comes to creating a website, the most challenging aspect is not the design. It’s the content.  Whether you need help writing up your bio, or filling in the content sections of your website, I can help.

Social Media Content

These days we all get bombarded with email spam offering us SEO services. I am not that kind of SEO consultant. If you’re good at SEO, you don’t have to spam because people find you in search engines.  If you found me in a search engine, it’s because I am excellent at search engine optimization.  I can help your website rank better in Google too!

Hey I'm Patty, content creator and badass web goddess!

I am an Albuquerque Freelance writer

I have been writing for 17 years. First, as the editor of a leading parenting website,, and later as a freelance writer. There is an art to writing content for the internet. People do not read long, boring articles. In fact, most people don’t read an article to the end. If you want an article to perform well, it needs to be written both for search engines (so people find it), and for your reader (so they actually read it).

I specialize in writing content for small business blogs. Business blogs are great for search engines and great for your social media pages. However, keeping up with a blog is time consuming and a lot of work. This is where I an help.

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Contact me today to schedule a totally free strategy call. Find out how you can you increase your sales with the right marketing and SEO strategy.

I write high-quality SEO content for small business blogs

Hey! Are you looking for freelance writer services? Do you need an SEO content writer that can write for search engines, but also knows how to write engaging content that people will actually read. Here’s the thing about writing for search engines. Yes, you need to understand how to keyword optimize your content and how to utilize the best on-page SEO practices, but if your content sucks, nobody is going to read it.

I can write a great blog post that gets read!

A great blog post will hook you in the first pargraph and lure you to keep reading

You want your visitors to read your content, but you don’t want them to leave thinking they wasted their time.

Have you ever watched a movie that was terrible, but kept watching it because of anticipation, thinking that it would get better? This is how a lot of freelance writers write content.

Pumping out a bunch of low-quality articles is not going to help your business or your blog;. In fact, it might hurt you. Your business is an investment. Don’t settle for cheap, low quality content. Let me help you with high-quality SEO content.

My Freelance Writing Services

Blog posts ($35-70)

I am a professional blogger. Aside from my internet marketing blog here at Badass Web Goddess, I manage several other blogs. I have been writing professionally for over 17 years. I can write on any topic, but specialize in writing blog posts for businesses. My price for blog post ranges from $35 to $75, depending on what type of content you need and whether or not you need me to publish it for you. I can match your writing style. I will also provide you with keyword research to help you develop the best title and keywords for your post. Since I am an SEO consultant, I have access to keyword tools to assist me in developing the best SEO content for your business blog.

Ghost Writing Guest Posts ($35-70)

If you are working on developing backlinks to your website, one of the best ways to do this is by writing guest posts for other blogs. However, if you are a blogger yourself, it’s hard to make time for writing your own blog posts and writing guest posts. Let me help. I can ghost write for you. I can match your writing style, or you can edit the post to make it your own. Save yourself a ton of time!

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