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Beautiful Feminine Fonts for Websites

If you design websites for women, you really need a variety of fonts to work with. While there are tons of beautiful fonts out there, if you are designing a professional website the font you choose needs to be a commercial-use font.

Personal fonts can not be used for commercial purposes, so be sure to read the license before you use a font for your websites. Additionally, many free fonts don’t work well for website design or logos.

I remember when I first started designing websites and graphics, I would spend hours looking through fonts. There are so many beautiful script fonts and handwriting fonts.  Some of them look really great on the preview, but when you try to work with them they don’t scale well or some of the letters are difficult to actually work with.

I design websites exclusively with WordPress and love the Astra theme. Astra is an easy-to-use and highly customizable WordPress theme that comes with a variety of fonts built-in. I use the built-in fonts, but I also upload custom fonts if I want something special that Astra doesn’t offer. The Astra theme offers fonts from Google Fonts, so if you want to use a font that isn’t available through Google Fonts, you will need to upload a custom font.

feminine fonts don't always scale well

As a web designer, you will want to invest in premium fonts for your business. It’s great to have a large collection of fonts that you can use for clients. However, it is not always feasible to purchase fonts for every project. If you’re just getting started and don’t have the budget to invest in designer fonts you can still create a beautiful website for yourself or clients using any of Google Font’s beautiful feminine fonts.

I have put together a list of my favorite feminine fonts for websites that are totally free and commercial-use fonts.

Beautiful Commercial-Use Fonts for Websites

I love working with female clients and have designed my own website with a feminine touch. I offer feminine web design and SEO to female entrepreneurs. These are my favorite feminine fonts for websites

my favorite commercial use feminine fonts

Feminine Handwriting Fonts I love


Allura is one of the fonts I use most in my web design. It’s a beautiful handwritten font, but it also scales well. The font is thick enough that when it’s scaled-down you can still read it.  The letters When I use it for my websites, I love it for headers. It’s a great font for branding, logos, invitations, or writing inspirational quotes. 

Dancing Script

I love Dancing Script. It’s feminine and whimsical. I like to use pretty and fun fonts in my web design. For myself personally, I tend to go for curves, shapes, shadows, and bright colors in my web design. This font works well for a girly website.  It’s pretty and stylish but doesn’t come across as overly serious and sophisticated. Dancing Script is really versatile. It could be used on invitations, social media graphics, or logos. But, it’s less formal than some other feminine fonts so it could be used for just about any feminine website.


I absolutely adore this font. What I like best about it are the capital letters. Some of the handwriting fonts I have worked with have capital letters that are difficult to read or the loops in them make them hard to use.  I also love the lower case f, j, and g. The curves in them add a sense of cool sophistication to your text. I would use this font for a logo, but it’s also great to use for headers and hero sections.

Great Vibes

Great vibes shout princess to me. It’s a really beautiful font with flowing letters that look nice in uppercase and lowercase. I adore the way the capital Y and W look in this font. I love taking large capital letters and mixing them with smaller lower case letters. The Y and W are really fun to work with. Great Vibes is an elegant font so you could use it for a wedding or beauty website, but it’s casual enough to use for a more basic website. 

Meow Script

Here kitty kitty, Meow. Meow script doesn’t really make me think of a kitty, but it’s purrfect for a feminine website.  It’s playful and fun. It comes with six different style sets. If you are looking for a super cute font to use in girly web design, this one is the cat’s meow. It’s amazing for adding a female touch to your graphic art and websites.

My Favorite Feminine Fonts for Headers and Text


Roboto is a popular font, and at first glance, you might not think of it as a feminine font, but here’s why I love it.  It’s a simple, yet elegant font. When you create a website, being able to read the text is as important as how feminine it looks. I like that it is clean and easy to read.  It also works well for social media images, infographics, and lead magnets.  I like to pair Sans Serif Fonts fonts with handwriting and script fonts.


Poppins is my second favorite Sans Serif font to work with.  It’s a clean, professional, and friendly font.  It comes with 18 different font weights which makes it versatile for use on websites. Like Roboto, it’s easy to read. But, what I really like about Poppins is how it looks in uppercase. It works really great for headlines, paragraph text, and website buttons.


I jost discovered this font recently. As you can see I like playing with words. This is my go-to font for the paragraph text on my websites. It’s nice and clean, but also really pretty. To me it looks like the text you’d see in a fairy tale or children’s book. It’s a fun font to work with and comes in 16 different styles. This allows you to use it as a thick, bold font for logos or headers, or a thinner font for the in-between text on your websites.

Yeseva One

Yeseva One was designed by Jovanny Lemonad. He named the font Yeseva One, formed from the phrase “Yes, Eva.” He dedicated this font to his wife as he says it is a “sign of complete agreement between a man and a woman”.  This font has some character and personality. I tend to use this as a font for the headers and bolded text on my websites. It’s nice and think and has a child-like, storybook feel to it.

These are my current faves for feminine web design. If you’re like me though, you could search for fonts endlessly. I hope to add some premium fonts to my list in the near future, but I am sharing my favorite free fonts for now. What are your favorite feminine fonts you use for websites?

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click on any of the links within my posts.  However, all of the opinions shared on my blog are my own.



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