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Is Social Media Keeping You From Growing Your Business?

Social media is keeping you from growing your business. There, I said it!  This morning I decided to do some research on how social media wastes your time and keeps you from growing your business. Here’s the thing – the Big Fat Lie. Social media is not as effective for growing your business as you

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easy ways to get traffic to your website

5 Easy Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

One of the biggest things people ask me about is how to get traffic to a website. Since that’s what I do, I thought I’d tell you it’s not as hard as you think. There are some easy ways to get traffic to your website that you can totally do yourself. You don’t have to

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A beginner's guide to Pinterest

A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

Are you looking for a beginner’s guide to Pinterest? Pinterest is without a doubt one of the leading sources of traffic for a majority of bloggers. As it is a visual search engine, posting eye catchy, high value content can drive a lot of website traffic. Unlike Instagram, which is also a visual platform, Pinterest

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how to write a press release for your business

How to Write a Press Release for Your Business

If you don’t know how to write a press release for your business, let me walk you through the process.  Writing a press release is really not that difficult. In fact, anyone can do it. And, press releases are a great way to get the word out about your business, your brand, your political campaign,

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how your blog helps with SEO

How Your Business Blog Helps With SEO

Many of the business owners I talk to don’t have a blog for their website and if they do, they aren’t using it as part of their SEO strategy. A business blog does more than provide content, it is a great way to improve your SEO. Do you want to know how your blog helps

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social media ideas for insurane agents

Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

If you are an insurance agent who has taken on the task of managing your own social media accounts, finding posts for your page can take up a lot of your time. Having a social media presence is important for your insurance business because your social media pages are an extension of your brand. Your

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Patty Malowney, Owner of Badass Web Goddess Digital Marketing Agency

About Patty Malowney

I am Patty Malowney, the creator of Badass Web Goddess. I am an Albuquerque SEO and digital marketing consultant.  I started my first internet business in 2004 with a $40 garage sale computer and a whole lot of determination.  I sold my first website, to the dating company in 2008. My website was acquired by another company where I worked as a consultant and editor until July, 2019.

After encouragement from friends and family, I decided to branch out on my own and start my own consulting business.  I offer advice and services to local businesses on how they can rank better in Google.

In addition to running Badass Web Goddess, I am an avid blogger. I run several blogs including my digital marketing blog here at Badass Web Goddess.  If you love my blog, Follow Me on Facebook or Twitter!

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