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Affordable Web Design in Albuquerque

Are you looking for affordable web design in Albuquerque that doesn’t suck?  Hey! I am Patty Malowney, the badass web goddess. Welcome to my website. 

Badass Web Godddess

Affordable Web Design In Albuquerque

My basic web design prices start at $700, and can be split into 2 payments

I can work with your budget to create a website you will actually love. I have several pricing options, if you’re ready to go BIG, I can design a website for you with all the design features and style you’re looking for.

Or, if you are working with a small budget, I offer pay-as-you-go web design, that allows you to have a professional website right now but broken up  into payments you can afford.

I am not like my competitors. I am good at marketing and web design, but I have a soft spot for small business owners.

Hey ABQ!

Hey small business owner!   If you have a small business in Albuquerque, you may not have a huge budget to work with. When I started my first business, I had $10 a month to work with. This is how I got into web design and marketing.  I couldn’t afford a web designer, so I learned how to do it myself.

I relate with people like you and built my pricing and services to help you be successful even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with.   I get it.

You don’t want a generic looking website.  You want a badass website that makes your business stand out. Web design in Albuquerque isn’t cheap. When I first moved here, I was blown away by how much some web design companies charge.  If you are looking for an affordable web designer in Albuquerque, who can also design a nice looking website that stands out, I’m your girl.

Affordable Web Design
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Patty Malowney talks about website marketing in Albuquerque


One of the things I whole-heartedly believe in is the law of attraction. Every word on my website is written to attract Albuquerque business owners like me — people with integrity, self-starters, passionate, and motivated people. If you built your business from scratch, you are exactly who I want to work with. I want to make you successful online. 

You know what you're doing with your business. I know what I am doing with web design and internet marketing!

Albuquerque Web Design Company

Affordable Albuquerque web design that doesn't suck!

Hey Albuquerque. I know what people think when they hear the word affordable.  They think cheap. You get what you pay for.  This is not the type of websites I design. There are so many affordable options when it comes to web design. As a matter of fact, these days you don’t even have to hire a web designer to create a website. 

But you should!

Even if you don’t work with me, I want you to know that website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace do not perform as well in search engines as profesionally designed WordPress websites.

I love working with Albuquerque business of all sizes.  My basic web design prices start at $700, and can be split into 2 payments. I also include affordble website hosting services and maintenance plans.

I will design your website based on your needs and budget

If you are pricing web design in Albuquerque,  call  or text (505) 302-5408.  I will answer any questions you have about my web design, SEO or other digital marketing services.

You don’t have to settle for a cheap website.  You can work with a local Albuquerque web designer who will design a beautiful custom website that will compete with the expensive websites.

A few samples of my Albuquerque Web Design

Albuquerque Web design for Search Engines

My web design is optimized for Google!

My strength is in search engine optimization. Any web designer, can build a website. Not everyone that designs websites truly understands how to rank well in search engines.  I started my first website with just a few visitors. By the time I sold it, we were getting 3 million visitors a month.  Eighty percent of them came from Google!

If you want a website that gets found in Google, you need to invest in search engine optimization.  It takes time, but the investment is well worth it.

There is more to search engine optimization and than having an optimized websites. Tons of web design companies will optimize your website, but it takes more than keyword optimization to actually rank well.

Are you spending money on PPC ads to Get traffic to your website?

Imagine how much money you could save if you ranked well organically?  If you are currently spending money on PPC ads, take a look at my SEO services to learn more about how I can help you rank better in Google and get more traffic to your website.

Do you need a badass Web Designer?

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Patty Malowney, An Albuqerque Web Design & SEO Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on how many pages you need and how much graphic design or customization you need. A basic takes me 3-5 days to complete. A website like can take as long as 3 weeks to complete.

There are a number of strategies to get traffic to your website, but the biggest source of traffic for most websites is Google! I can work with you on a strategy to get more traffic to your website from Google.

How long it will take for your website to rank well in Google depends on how competitive your market is. Realistically, most websites need at least six months of consistent SEO services to get found in Google. 

Yes, you can update your website yourself. I give all of my clients access to their website once it is designed.  I no longer offer free WordPress training.  However, I create user-friendly websites that most of my clients can update themselves.
Or, you can purchase an affordable website maintenance services, and I will update your website for an hourly fee  of $35 per hour as needed.

Drop me a message through my contact  form above. Or call or text (505) 302-5408.  You have nothing to lose by talking to me. I offer free consultations and quotes. I will discuss your business goals with you and create a custom web design and marketing plan for your business.